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Witchy Candle, Chakra Candle, Metaphysical, Ritual Tools

About this product

#1 Best Selling MANIFEST IT Candle 🤍 ✅ I'm the CREATOR of the MANIFEST IT Candle. MANIFEST IT Candles are made during Full Moons & New Moons in small batches. ✅Handmade by ME ✨ ✅My clients see REAL results using these candles. ✨ My MANIFEST IT Candles are used in spiritual ritual practices, meditation, morning/evening routines and when those need to uplift their vibrations. Your customers will be repeat customers for SURE 💯 If you would like to support me directly, feel free to send me a message! Comes with one candle (1) Ingredients: Intention + Beeswax + Mica Powder (Brown, Gold, Silver Only) Measurements: Each candle is Height 5 inches | Width - 1 inch | Length - 1 inch** Burn Time: 2+ hours | Please keep in mind, burn time will vary since many factors go into manifestations (your energy, energy around you, intentions, headspace, etc). **measurements are approximate ***Colors WILL vary as candles are made in very small batches.


• Made in United States

Witchy Candle, Chakra Candle, Metaphysical, Ritual Tools


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